Tuesday, August 14, 2012

OKAY. This is my favorite movie. I don't care if its a chick flick, I LOVE IT. Even though it is a christmas movie, i will watch it any time of the year and at any moment of the day! Its amazing... :)

Now, i didnt take THIS picture, but i did edit it! This picture of Gwen Stefani was one of the ones featured in her 2012 cover shoot for the magazine BAZAAR. They made a really cool video about the shoot and I absolutely LOVE her. A link to the video is below the picture.

These pictures were taken at the Red Bull Grand Prix in Monterey, California. A MotoGP race was in Laguna Seca at the time- Which we went to go see!

This Picture is of MotoGP racer CASEY STONER, he won this particular race, but the World Championship winner will most likely end up being Jorge Lorenzo. Stoner will be retiring next year to spend time with his new family <3

My dad's reflective sunglasses put off a great display of the passer-by-ers at the MotoGP races! In Monterey, CA.

My kitty cat Maxipoo (Max) just loves being my little model!

Flag Collection: I took these at the U.S. MotoGP World Championship in Monterey,CA. It was loads of fun!!! Edited with app SNAPSEED!

Babysitting this one little girl always means a bath! She is so cute, and probably the only kid who loves taking baths... ??? Edited with the app SNAPSEED!